Espresso Rescue has a small rotating stock of used machines and equipment on consignment by trusted ER customers. All have been given a "tune-up" or full refurbishment by our skilled staff of techs.

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La San Marco SM90 Grinder

SM Grinder


Nuova Simonelli MDM Grinder

NS Grinder


Astoria/Mahlkonig Grinder

Astoria Grinder


Bunn Double Granita

Bunn Granita


"The Hulk" Astoria 2 Group

The Hulk


"Love A Latte" Mobile Trailer

Coffee Trailer


Nuova Simonelli Aurelia

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia

$6000 (two available)

Grab N Go Display Case

Grab N Go


True T72 Refrigerator



Fetco CBS-31 Brewer



Fetco CBS-32 Brewer

Fetco CBS32


Bunn Dual Soft Brewer

Bunn Dual Brewer


True T23G Refrigerator



True TUC48-LP Refrigerator