Espresso Rescue started as a service and repair company for locally owned cafes and drive-throughs. Since then we have expanded to provide quality equipment and accessories, but we still consider our 24 hour assistance the heart of our business. Our mission is to quickly respond to your location and get your espresso or coffee business back up and running.


Repair and Installation

When a service call is received, we try to set up other jobs in the area to split the travel cost.

Travel: $80/hr On-site service: $80/hr In-house service: $70/hr


Preventative Maintenance

Prices are per visit

A preventative maintenance includes new grouphead screens, screws and gaskets and labor cost. Travel cost and water filters not included in price.

A contract is for 2 years or 4 PMs payable ahead of time or in installments. Ask your tech about a contract on your next service or call the office to get going now.

Don't let your espresso machine be on your list of worries! Save money and extend the life of your machine with routine maintenance! 

1 group PM: $70
w/contract: $60
2 group PM: $110
w/contract: $95
3 group PM: $140
w/contract: $125
4 group PM: $160
w/contract: $145



One-on-one or group trainings in cleaning, use and maintenance of your machine or other equipment.

On-site training: $80/hr In-house training: $70/hr

Step-by-step assistance with getting your coffee business started; permits, taxes, food service requirements, inspections and applications.

Administrative consulting: $20/hr



Includes espresso machine, under-counter fridge, sink, water bottle system and espresso accessories. Does not include cups, lids, straws or any consumable product.

Small mobile coffee cart: $250/day $300/week Large mobile coffee cart: $300/day $500/week


Equipment Consignment

Sell your equipment through Espresso Rescue to reach a wider market. We bench test the equipment, repair or replace parts if necessary then post it on our and other selling websites. Check out the ER Specials on our online catalog!

Our cut: 20% after cost of selling



Jen of Whiskey Gulch Coffee Co. trains with Victrola Coffee Roasters on their newly purchased Nuova Simonelli Victoria Arduino lever espresso machine (an ER special sold on consignment)